20 02 16
Drvg Cvltvre Live
Lux Poderosa at Zukunft


Saturday 20th of February Drvg Cvltvre will come to town to play live. We teamed up with Lust Poderosa’s Jack Pattern for a night at Zukunft. It will be dark and exciting. Join us here.

13 02 16
Intergalactic Gary
Lux Rec at Kauz

webIn the depth of the night, we are not waving but drowning. Join Intergalactic Gary and Cosmo & Faber Friday 13th, at Kauz in Zurich. A very long set is expected.

Savage Grounds
Unpleasant Music for Unpleasant People

LXRC25 front LXRC25 back

The second installment of Savage Grounds is a sordid affair with their three most favorite machines. The 808, a custom made modular synthesizer and the space echo. Uproar, Soaring, Motoric and Deranged are the recordings of those machines played live. It is techno music, in its broader term. Twisted and dark tinted. Compelling and unpleasant as they called their EP. Meant for unpleasant people.


11 12 15
Mick Wills and Savage Grounds
Lux Rec at Kauz


Hide with us and dance like nobody is watching you. Friday 11th December Lux Rec takes Mick Wills on board, truly a master of the decks, and a favorite djs. Perfect mixing, deep wandering, a manic perfectionist. Alongside Mick there will be the first Live performance of Savage Grounds in Zurich. One Roland 808 and a modular synthesizer, totally live and improvised on stage. Their new record on Lux will be released the same week. And of course, Cosmo & Faber. Here

16 11 15
Lux Rec at Kauz


Super excited to be again at Kauz. We start this season with a new acquaitance of ours, An-I. A pseudonym behind which works Douglas Lee. He has released two records on Cititrax, Veronica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave sub label, which can be described as Autistic Techno. We just find him an amazing connoisseur of old, new, obscure, fringes and whatnot. He can definitely wander in space and down underground.

Primitive Drums

LXRC24 front LXRC24 back

Nordic woods are a dangerously primitive place. Fueled with madness and induced delirium Frak land on planet Lux. Three slow, acid numbers with a barbaric, crude attitude. Relentless drums. Fierce, hypnotic synthesizers that get you lost in your own mind. Suddenly sinister, disastrous images populate your consciousness. And then one last strange, twisted wave track. New places, new adventures.


is a division
of Lux Rec

When something new starts it’s because there’s a need to wander further, to cut deeper, MRT is the result of it.

Order MRT001

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RBMA Radio
Lux Rec Special


A feature on RBMA Radio for the Alpenflage series. Cosmo & Faber talk about Lux Rec, past present, future. And play some music as well. Listen here.

27 03 15
Aurora Halal
Lux Rec at Kauz


Friday 27 March will be hitting Kauz again. This time, after Momentform, we’ll host Aurora Halal. Coming from New York she’s rising high with her dark mixture of techno, hause and wave. She’ll play live, coming down with all her machines. Analog is the way.

Various Artists
The Dying Lights

LXRC23 front LXRC23 back

Lux Rec enters its fifth year of existence. A time of adventures in electronic sounds, exploring the margins and the darkest corners. To celebrate all victories and failures Cosmo & Faber compiled this release, the number 23, collecting material from old acquaintances and musicians that are new to the label.

The Dying Lights is a collection of tracks that reflects the path Lux Rec followed these past years, acid, low-fi, analog rudimental techno, melodies of pain and sorrow. Six tracks on two vinyls, from light to dark, to accompany you, soothe and haunt you, to the only known end. Dust.