Helena Hauff
Shatter Cone

LXRC21 front LXRC21 back

Shatter Cone is a rare imprint that is only known to form in the bedrock beneath meteorites impacts or underground nuclear explosion. It is the eventual evidence that huge pressure has been applied and life as we know it has disappeared. So shaped and recorded, such pressure, has been pressed on vinyl and delivered to you. Enjoy.

Helena’s appearance on Lux Rec makes perfect sense, especially given the label’s focus “on the roots of dance music exploring elements from the early electronic scene.” Her fascination with primitive electronics and wave, and her hardware approach fits nicely with that of Murphy Jax, Jared Wilson and Echo 106, who have also released on the label.


Savage Grounds
Over Fences

LXRC20 front LXRC20 back

Looking into the distance is always a frightening experience. Over fences, beyond the known territory, savage grounds await. The ones that cannot dance to that foreign rhythm, cannot move at the same pace, are doomed to swirl in a frenzy panic and die. Nerves and muscles are needed, and good lungs to keep momentum. Thus is this record, number 20 in the Lux Rec catalog. An attempt to increase disorder and confusion to see what ultimately comes from it.

Savage Grounds are CCO and Daniele Cosmo, co-owner of Lux Rec. A techno related outfit to explore a darker, noisier and more menacing sound. The EP has been realised by using only three machines. A Roland 808, a modular synthesizer and a Roland Space Echo. Every track has been recorded live with a minimum of post processing. Come over the fence and dance with the savages.


T Shirts
Grey & White

We still have some Tees available to purchase, both artworks. Above you see Aurora Halal wearing the grey LXRC version. There are still some white ones too. Slide with the arrows above to see both of them. If you are interested please send an email at daniele@luxrec.net. He’ll contact you back with all the details. Prices are: 35 Euro, Europe, 42 Swiss Francs, Switzerland.

Igloo Magazine
Lux Rec Feature
and a mix


Igloo magazine has been kind enough to ask us for a feature on their blog. Robbie Geoghegan sat with us, and after a set of questions, delivered a great article, where we discuss about Cosmo & Faber, Lux rec, Switzerland and whatnot. We prepared a mix to accompany it. Here’s the article, below the mix. Enjoy!

14 06 14
Haurora Halal Live
Lux Rec at Kraftfeld


It is with great pleasure that we announce our final party before the summer break at Kraftfeld Winterthur. Saturday 14th June Aurora Halal, hailing from Brooklyn NY, comes visit us with her machines for a Live night of Magnetic Underground Affairs. Fabian Riccio aka El Tigre Sound and Daniele Cosmo of Lux Rec will support her on the decks. Join us, this is the first time she ever comes down here. We won’t stop.

Journey to Humility

LXRC19 LXRC17 back

There are so many lessons to be taught in life. Through loneliness, suffering and inaccessible places of the heart. Unspeakable secrets and all that crashing down which leaves no hope, we endure. And as we move forward we learn. Visonia enlightens us with an astonishing EP, a journey into one of the most overlooked emotions, humility. A cold place, uncomfortable and yet so rewarding. Music that makes you strong. Which captures you and soothes you to that secret garden deep inside. Let us take you there.


Cold Colors
Dans le vide

LXRC18 LXRC17 back

We continue our endless research at the margins of music, all that is called underground, at every latitude, to find rough gems that we want to bring to light. And about the number 18 on Lux Rec we say we are extremely proud of. After releases as RAG, Lunar Lodge and Joe Drive which explored techno in various ways, we turned our attention to another field that is dear to us. That of the cold electronics and new wave movement, and french musical existentialism.

Cold Colors comes from Bordeaux, France. To Lux Rec he is the best expression of and a new take on that type of music. A sense of solitude is the first reaction to his music. Melodic longings for something that is not there, unreachable. Four songs to depict a hopeless stare into emptiness. Shadows of a love long gone.

The record will be out beginning of May.

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Joe Drive
Buried Truth

LXRC17 front LXRC17 back

Joe Drive’s music is always an intricate affair, it spirals you down and never lets you go. Its complexity needs time and acute ears to unfold all those hidden details. His freeform composition dwell within the depth of machines. Exposing their buried truth. And so is this EP. A journey into electric catacombs of forgotten impulses where at every corner menacing shadows await you. Spine shivers, ghosts of children or unthinkable creatures? It is all there, and yet you can’t see. To enter Joe Drive’s dreams you need a key, Lux Rec provides it. Wander at your own risk, do not get lost.


Red Bull Music

D Cosmo & Faber

Redbull Music just published  an article on Lux Rec. We appreciate the appreciaton. Read here.

Lunar Lodge

LXRC16 front LXRC16 back

Lunar Lodge are Luciano Lamanna, Filippo Scorcucchi and Filippo Terragni, hailing from the darkest corners of Rome. Together they deliver through Lux Rec a three tracks EP of dark analog music. Menacing whispers telling the archaic Roman tale of betrayal and killing. Of decay and far off melodies.
The main track that gives the title to the EP is an hypnotic adventure in noise. A journey into techno of the deepest shade. Signs, with its tense rhythm, is infused with frightening accents and voices. Finally, Event Horizon, closes the EP looking in the distance, the unknown, the death and the sorrows, and infinite solitude.