Four things everyone will be talking abut today

Mace. appearances are scarce. As his music is. Scarce, dirty, brown and miserable, as the Bunker guys would say. A mechanical reflection, not a choice of soothing harmonics. Not melodious structures. The survival of the fittest, harsh economics, suicidal stock brokers, piling up as much as possible before leaving. These are four things everyone will be talking about today. And so Lux Rec does. The last piece is a joint venture together with Diana Berti of ‘Veleno Viola’.



07 10 16
Prosopo & Morah
Lux Rec at Kauz


A feverish confusion, hot and filthy. It’s a Greek invasion and it’s coming to Zurich. Prepare for the unexpected, revel in all that blackness. For the first installment of the season at Kauz we invited June (aka Prosopo) to play live and Morah. All informations you need are here.

Ian Martin, Barbir & Kazimir
The Rosa Luxemburg Files

It’s a first for Pinkman and Lux Rec. Yet the two labels have so much in common that it isn’t surprising they have been drawn towards each other. And The Rosa Luxembourg Files is the result of this collaboration. Rotterdam and Zurich, Ian Martin and Barbir & Nicola Kazimir, exploring different shades of the same black, wandering at the fringes, plunging into obscurity and machines talk. There’s no rest and no comfort, but manic fixation.



You’ll never understand

Morah comes from Athens and his record on Lux Rec mirrors this magnificent, spendid, decadent, rotten and grimy metropolis. A long journey into the greek maze. Unsettling at times, not without fear or dismay. And those noises coming from a great distance away, are of fools, demented, lunatics. We invite you to join the chant.



Les Yeux Orange
Cosmo & Faber


From “Les Yeux Orange” website: As big Italo fans, we used to follow the duo Cosmo & Faber back in the 00s for their numerous obscure italo mixes. This exclusive mix for LYO is far different, with only the romantic mood remaining through the wave parts. Expect some EBM, industrial, sleazy acid and raw techno reflecting what is Lux Rec. Listen here.

24 06 16
Lena Willikens
Lux Rec at Kauz


Lena comes to Kauz for the last Lux Rec installment this season. Not only a great dj and a fantastic selector, she’s as well a kaleidoscopic figure, moving from darkness to light and back with her mixes. Avant-garde and experimental, she’s truly a unique face of the underground, the perfect match for Lux Rec heads Cosmo & Faber. Join here


A fast descent into a deserted heart. A feverish feeling, as when it is warm and one still shivers. Annoyed greek Gods playing tricks on humans. Lux Rec shifts again its attention to Greece. Posopo is June’s newest alias and means Face, a disturbed microcosm where to experiment with different machines, unconventional textures and rhythms. The result is as uncomfortable as it gets, arid desires, despair concealed with cold resonating motives. We do not celebrate joy.



22 04 16
Daniele Cosmo
Red Light Radio

RLR Kopie

This Friday, from 3 till 5 pm CET Ron van de Kerkhof will host Daniele Cosmo for a 2 hours show on Red Light Radio. You can tune in here: to listen and see him in action.

15 03 16
Not Waving Live
Lux Rec at Kauz


Not Waving is joining us to show his blend of EBM, acid and ambient sounds. An intense Live set followed by a Dj set from Echo 106 and Cosmo & Faber. “These are tunes
— no, songs — for post-work smash-ups, weekenders and sore commutes, moments of tenderness and beauty offsetting the manic strobe lighting and drippin’ sweat.“
Come and witness. 


When something new starts it’s because there’s a need to wander further, to cut deeper. MRT is the result of this. The darker side of Lux Rec, not simply a more techno related outfit, instead a label that dives deeper into obscurity.


Order MRT Records, or Digital.