Marco Bernardi
Live at Kraftfeld


This weekend is Kraftfeld time once again! Saturday Marco Bernardi is flying down to Winterthur to deliver a live set of the finest raw analog type. It’s his first time in the area so a warm welcome is due!

Cold Colors
Dans le vide

LXRC18 labels

We continue our endless research at the margins of music, all that is called underground, at every latitude, to find rough gems that we want to bring to light. And about the number 18 on Lux Rec we say we are extremely proud of. After releases as RAG, Lunar Lodge and Joe Drive which explored techno in various ways, we turned our attention to another field that is dear to us. That of the cold electronics and new wave movement, and french musical existentialism.

Cold Colors comes from Bordeaux, France. To Lux Rec he is the best expression of and a new take on that type of music. A sense of solitude is the first reaction to his music. Melodic longings for something that is not there, unreachable. Four songs to depict a hopeless stare into emptiness. Shadows of a love long gone.

The record will be out beginning of May.

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Joe Drive
Buried Truth

LXRC17 Labels

Joe Drive’s music is always an intricate affair, it spirals you down and never lets you go. Its complexity needs time and acute ears to unfold all those hidden details. His freeform composition dwell within the depth of machines. Exposing their buried truth. And so is this EP. A journey into electric catacombs of forgotten impulses where at every corner menacing shadows await you. Spine shivers, ghosts of children or unthinkable creatures? It is all there, and yet you can’t see. To enter Joe Drive’s dreams you need a key, Lux Rec provides it. Wander at your own risk, do not get lost.


Red Bull Music

D Cosmo & Faber

Redbull Music just published  an article on Lux Rec. We appreciate the appreciaton. Read here.

Lunar Lodge

LXRC17 labels

Lunar Lodge are Luciano Lamanna, Filippo Scorcucchi and Filippo Terragni, hailing from the darkest corners of Rome. Together they deliver through Lux Rec a three tracks EP of dark analog music. Menacing whispers telling the archaic Roman tale of betrayal and killing. Of decay and far off melodies.
The main track that gives the title to the EP is an hypnotic adventure in noise. A journey into techno of the deepest shade. Signs, with its tense rhythm, is infused with frightening accents and voices. Finally, Event Horizon, closes the EP looking in the distance, the unknown, the death and the sorrows, and infinite solitude.


Lux Rec

KF 2

Saturday 16th November, for our second installment at Kraftfeld Club, we had a live machinery jam that saw CCO and one half of Echo 106 sharing the stage and improvising on a 909, 808, Modular, and other gear. Computer free. Thank you KF!

After the Analog improvisation of CCO and Echo 106, label D Cosmo and Faber took up the stage for one last dance in trance. Here’s one hour of that final session.

On December 20th, Ma Spaventi graced the Kraftfeld club with a fantastic live set as well. Unfortunately there’s only memories, no recording of this. There is however the DJ set of Faber opening that night, a 2 hour journey into oblivion.


The road to Hell is paved in gold. One that guides to Disorder, Repression and eventually a last leap into OD. Yes, boy, this is Life. Unfair, menacing, dark and twisted, like the new EP from R-A-G out on Lux Rec. The The Dutch trio presents its first release outside the M>O>S legacy and delivers three excessive tracks wandering on the fringes of the jacking zone, analog techno and wavy obscurity. Walk in, embrace Life. Hear it pulsates, disappear.

Gold vinyl in a gold printed sleeve. Free download included.


Echo 106
Exclusive pre-release
Sold Out

Echo 106 Box

A special Echo 106 package was released on August, 28th. It boxes up the upcoming Echo 106 release on Lux Rec – Infernal Regions double 12″ as well as their previous 12″ + 7″ - Winter Music. White labels on 180 gr. black vinyl, all packaged in a stamped cardboard box.



Echo 106
Infernal Regions

Through the Gate of Hell a Wild Savage Forest of Wretched Souls had let me Frozen and Faint. Now all is heard.

Lux Rec presents the second appearance of Echo 106 on the label. The two brothers descended into Infernal Regions to witness torturing flames, black magic woods, seas of damned souls and ice cold bodies. So brave, although not without any fear, they went close enough to sense such pains themselves. Carving five songs that depict their gloomy journey to an extent that, as the last song says, all is heard indeed.

The EP comes in a double 12″ outfit with a gatefold sleeve. The front picture is a work of Giandomenico Carpentieri ( The production has been curated by D Cosmo. Free download included.


Stefan Blomeier
Unexpected Journey

LXRC13 front LXRC13 back

Stefan Blomeier took a trip into the unknown. A fast drugged out train to nowhere. This unexpected leap brought us back hazy resonant memories. Flashes of light and dark, tunnels into cold and inhospitable mountains. Trails on a path that grow cold and he got lost. Encounters of the strangest kind. Humans? Animals? Secrets left unsaid. Time passes and no one knows. It is better to move before the night fall. A storm is coming.

Lux Rec once again explores the underground of analog possibilities. Blomeier is a extraordinary musician playing mostly live and recording on tape cassette, not having a plan but letting the music find a way out in itself. So these three tracks came out. Record is limited to 300 copies, download code included.